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Call Center Management

Tracy Robinson

Tracy Robinson

Call Center Excellence Coach

In today’s market, consumers do not mind spending their hard-earned money for a quality product or name-brand service. Read More…
HVAC Installation

Keith Mercurio

Keith Mercurio

Director of Training

Installers are vital to your business! Nexstar has created industry changing training for HVAC installation professionals. Learn More…
Online Marketing

Melanie Tauring

Melanie Tauring

Marketing Coach

Reeves Journal: Run faster and farther with holistic marketing. Marketing is more than a TV ad, direct mail postcard or website. Read more…
Sales Manager Training

Dan Friesen

Dan Friesen

Master Trainer

Residential Service Sales Tips: As a sales person, no matter if your job title is comfort consultant. Read more

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Nexstar Members Are Growing

Check out the latest issue of At Your Service magazine to learn how Nexstar members carried out a successful succession plan. Read More…

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Nexstar member South West Plumbing was recently featured on the cover of Reeves Journal! Read More…

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Frank J. Blau’s Wisdom Is Now Available In Print! Authored by industry expert and longtime friend, Ellen Rohr, Soaring With Eagles chronicles Frank Blau’s history within the industry and contains insights on how he’s changed the lives of fellow contractors. This book is available print-on-demand through amazon.com. The book, The Business of Contracting: How To Make Money In The Contracting Business contains reprinted articles from Plumbing & Mechanical magazine. Known as the “best of” Frank Blau, readers can witness the breadth of Frank’s experience in the home services industry.  This book is available printed or as an e-book through shubee.com. Order Soaring With EaglesOrder The Business Of Contracting

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Facebook Posts

Facebook Posts

Good evening. Is there any company looking for a guy who loves everything Nexstar stands for, knows the Service system inside and out and believes in it, and is looking for a trainer or a manager who puts their people in a position to achieve all of their dreams with love and respect? If so, please PM me. I'm extremely mobile but currently in the Ders Moines area. I'm ready to make any move possible in order to engage and motivate departments. Thank you. ... See MoreSee Less

Just finished my 2nd training class with Nexstar.
Keith Mercurio is more than an Instructor, more than a motivated speaker. He is a life changer.
In 31 years of HVAC I've met thousands of people, had multiple courses and teachers, But Keith Mercurio is completely the best, has many ways of getting his points across .
A true blessing to the organization.
... See MoreSee Less

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Nexstar NetworkThank you for the kind words Stephan!

15 hours ago

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Nexstar Network shared Varsity Home Service: Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning's post.

Our members are awesome!! Thank you Varsity Home Service: Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for your commitment to Explore The Trades and Troops To Trades.

#NexstarNetwork #electrical #hvac #plumbing
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Varsity donates $7,000 in support of Nexstar Network's Legacy Foundation efforts to help our youth and military veterans find careers in the residential service industries. Visit nexstarfoundation.org...

Our members are awesome!! Thank you Varsity Home Service: Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for your commitment to Explore The Trades and Troops To Trades.

#NexstarNetwork #electrical #hvac #plumbing

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Nancy O'Hare-ZikaGreat Father and Daughter. Great job!

3 days ago   ·  1

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