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It’s Time to Revisit Your Service Partner Plans

By Tom Merriott, Nexstar Network Call Center Excellence Coach When’s the last time you took a good, hard look at your service partner plans? You might also know them as service agreements, comfort plans, gold members, etc., but whatever the name, it’s time... read more

Tech Profile of the Month: Nate Wood, Aztec Plumbing

Nate Wood, Nexstar-Certified Service Technician, Aztec Plumbing How long have you been with your company and in the industry? I have just celebrated my one year anniversary with Aztec Plumbing at the beginning of May, and I have been a full-time plumber... read more

PHCE Call Center: Three Common Phrases to Avoid As a CSR

By Nexstar Network Call Center Implementation Coach Tracy Robinson Here are three phrases you should avoid as a customer service representative in a residential service company in order to provide your customers with the best experience possible: “I can’t…” Please do... read more

Owners Spotlight 2016 Preview!

Nexstar Network is gearing up for Owners Spotlight 2016, this week in Atlanta, GA! Owners Spotlight is our annual meeting geared toward owners and managers of residential service businesses. This year we’ve had the privilege to book some of the best speakers in the... read more

Four Ways to Market Fix-a-Leak Week in Your Plumbing Business

By Ed Cerier, Nexstar Network Marketing Coach The Environmental Protection Agency’s Fix-a-Leak Week is March 14-20. If your company offers plumbing service, it’s a great time to remind your customers that you fix leaks. Mark your calendars for next year if you weren’t... read more

Three Reasons to Bundle Your Residential Service Offerings

By Keith Mercurio, Nexstar Network Training Director I’ve met so many contractors in the plumbing, electrical and HVAC industries who work incredibly hard and put in intense hours to complete as many calls as they can in a day. These contractors have often been... read more

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