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How To Spot A Rock Star Job Candidate

What to look for in an applicant, and red flags to avoid Let’s face it, weeding through a stack of resumes can take its toll on even the most optimistic hiring manager. When you hire frequently, or...

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Creating A Company Culture Of Giving Back

Even when you're not at work, your company's culture matters Who are you when you’re not repairing things? These days, a homeowner can do a quick Google search and come up with dozens of options for...

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Investing in the Future of the Trades

Even with the support of a network of like-minded businesses, finding great talent can still seem like an impossible task for many Nexstar members. Thankfully, a handful of member companies have successfully managed to deal with the shortage of skilled tradespeople, largely through creativity, foresightedness, and patience.

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What Is Your Dispatcher’s Job?

“What is your dispatcher’s job?” Is a question I’ve asked a lot in my line of work, and the most common answer – by far – is to make sure that all of the calls get run every day. If that is your...

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Building a Sustainable Business

Things haven’t been all sunshine and roses for the McQuillan clan over the years. As one would expect, a lot can happen over 135 years in a family-owned business, and it was only a few years back, before McQuillan Bros. joined Nexstar, that the local plumbing giant was on the verge of shutting its doors for good.

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Becoming an Employer of Choice

The phrase “employer of choice” might be one of the most overused in all of our industry. You and your team want to be an employer of choice. I am an employer of choice. Everyone is claiming to be...

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