Experience Nexstar

We’re often asked, “What is Nexstar”? Our answer is a network of contractors like you who collectively benefit from experienced business, marketing and call center coaches; world-class customer service and sales training; as well as proven business systems and processes.

  • We know that’s a mouthful.
  • We get “That sounds great, but…”.
  • We also understand how hard you work for every penny, and that you want to do your homework before becoming a member.

That’s where Experience Nexstar events come in. The best way to grasp the benefits of Nexstar is to witness how we work by attending an Experience Nexstar event. Tied to member-only events, such as our national Spring and Super Meetings, we open our doors to V.I.P. contractors, like you, who are interested in taking their business to the next level or have specific needs, such as recruiting and retaining good technicians, increasing call and conversion counts, or creating an exit strategy, just to name a few.

Get the V.I.P. Treatment

As a V.I.P., you get to participate side by side with hundreds of member-owners who will share successful business strategies. Sit in our training sessions, meet our business coaches, find out how to make your phones ring with our marketing and call center coaches, and experience Nexstar as our members do. Then determine if Nexstar is right for you!


Click here for more information about attending Owners Spotlight 2016.

Experience Nexstar at a Member Shop

Occasionally, a member generously offers to host an Experience Nexstar event in their own shop, which is the most robust way to see how the peer connections and systems from Nexstar benefit our members. These member-shop events fill up quickly, as the experience of visiting a peer shop is invaluable to contractors regardless of size or trade.


February 17-19Peer Group-Dutton

Our first Peer Group event of the year is being hosted by Dutton Plumbing in Simi Valley, California from February 17-19. The Peer Group is an unparalleled way to see just exactly what Nexstar does in practice.

Dutton Plumbing, owned by Eric Dutton, has an annual revenue of $7 million and has grown $2 million since joining Nexstar in 2013. The business has 48 employees and 25 trucks. Read more about Dutton Plumbing here.

Owner Eric DuttonDiscover whether Nexstar is right for you and your business by seeing our work in action. Dutton Plumbing will be an open book for the two days of the Peer Group: You will tour Dutton’s shop with a group of Nexstar members, see how the business is run, and sit in on the critique and advice session that will follow.

Call 1-888-240-7827 for more info!
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