PHCE Industry Benchmarking

How does your business rank against others like you? Are you able to increase sales, increase profits and keep employees like others in the industry? Are you the best in the class?

Nexstar’s Peer Profit Comparison provides members with a month-to-month comparison for revenue growth, profit and owner salary. Simply plug in last month’s results on an easy form by the 20th of each month.

  • Your results are emailed directly to you and your business coach.
  • Your experienced coach scours your results and identifies opportunities for improvement.
  • Your coach sends business recommendations directly to you.

Nexstar members can also participate in a customer service survey program and employee engagement survey program which we facilitate for our members only.

Don’t compare yourself only with yourself. Why not get relevant information that you can act on NOW to ensure you have a great year? And, its included with your Nexstar membership!

To learn more about the PHCE industry benchmarking for your business, call us at 888-240-STAR (7827) or e-mail us.

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