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Leadership Lounge Podcast

Nexstar President and CEO Jack Tester discusses various topics relating to business management and how to become a better leader in your business. Listen in as Jack shares his insights from over 20 years of developing Frank Blau’s vision of Nexstar Network into the 560 member organization that it is today. You’ll also hear tips and strategies for success from members who have grown their businesses with the help of Nexstar.

Transitioning from doing to managing requires loosening your control and allowing your employee to show ownership of the task and receive credit.

To grow a successful business, find intelligent people, delegate, teach them how to operate the business and decentralize authority.

A smooth transition of leadership  requires preparation and a clear break in order for the organization to move on successfully. 

John Ward show how you can afford to offer excellent benefits to your employees and their families by building those costs into your price. 

Learn how to create an engaged work culture from Phil Smitherman, owner of Nexstar’s #1 company in employee engagement.

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