Nexstar Network
Nexstar coaches come from the industry and have owned and operated businesses within it. They have seen and solved challenges you face. They guide, advise and mentor members and show you the rewards of accountability.
Nexstar’s coaching bench specializes in the following areas:
  • Business Management
  • Call Center Training
  • Marketing Planning
Bill Mattern Bill Mattern | Business Coach | Email Bill
Bill Mattern has been a a successful residential service business coach since 2005. Bill also worked for Bank of America as a consumer loan officer in addition to owning his own business. He holds a BA in History and an MBA.
Ed Cerier Ed Cerier | Marketing Strategist | Email Ed
Ed Cerier says, “My greatest joy is helping Nexstar members find their ‘ah ha’ marketing moments.” Ed played a big role in creating surefire marketing systems for Nexstar, including trade-specific marketing guides, the Marketing System, and more.
Jim Hamilton Jim Hamilton | Business Coach | Email Jim
Jim Hamilton spent 36 years in the PHCE service industry, implementing the principles of every system Nexstar has developed. He knows they work! He has purchased and transformed 28 underperforming companies into profitable businesses.
Jodi Peter Jodi Peter | Business Coach | Email Jodi
Jodi Peter enjoys guiding people down the ever-changing road to achieving their vision of success. She strongly believes in setting goals and exceeding them. Prior to coming to Nexstar, she served as the General Manager of a successful PHC company.
Julian Scadden | Training Implementation Specialist | Email Julian
Julian leads Nexstar's Training Accountability Program and coaches member companies through the process making the Nexstar training stick in their own shops.
Melanie Tauring | Marketing Coach | Email Melanie
Melanie’s expertise in consumer marketing planning and strategy is met only by her energy and passion for helping busi¬nesses drive their brand messages through effective advertising. She helps companies maximize every channel available to them.
Rob Buckley | Business Coach | Email Rob
Rob is a passionate and dynamic business coach who has spent the past 20 years driving revenue growth and providing visionary leadership in highly competitive markets.
Scott Pearson Scott Pearson | Coaching Manager | Email Scott
Scott says, “I’m driven to make the implementation of Nexstar’s surefire systems as easy and foolproof as possible for members.” He co-authored many of the online resources for business planning, operations, lead generation and marketing.
Susan Kimball Susan Kimball | Marketing Coach | Email Susan
Susan Kimball helps members with everything from low cost guerrilla marketing ideas to sophisticated television campaigns. Susan keeps up with the constantly changing world of Internet marketing so members get current knowledge and resources.
Tom Merriott Tom Merriott | Call Center Excellence Coach | Email Tom
Tom has twenty years of management experience working with companies of all sizes, focusing on customer service. He is your resource--helping you maximize your call center talent.