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Mike Rayburn
Mike Rayburn headshot-croppedIn his hilarious, musical and motivational keynote, Mike Rayburn does what no other presenter can do by capturing the audience and challenging traditional thinking that limits our potential. A talented guitarist and stand-up comedian, Mike is also an authority on personal development and human potential. He asserts that managing change is not just ill-advised, it is also dangerous—you must create change instead. Mike will share the tools that took him from playing for seven people in a bar in Virginia to a sold-out crowd at Carnegie Hall. Mike saw what others simply could not, and in doing so he became a giant visionary.
Matt Garrett
Matt Garrett Headshot High ResAs the founder of TGG Accounting, a managerial accounting firm, Matt set out in 2006 to address the dismal small business success rate in this country by helping business owners achieve their goals through excellent financial management. Under Matt’s leadership, TGG has been listed in the INC. 5000 top companies in the United States four years in a row, named one of “San Diego’s Fastest Growing Companies” for the past four years, and is chosen as one of San Diego’s “Best Places to Work.” He was also named one of San Diego’s Top 25 CEOs in 2013 by the San Diego Daily Transcript. TGG has had 67 clients on these “fastest growing” lists, and TGG clients boast revenue and profit growth at 11 and 13 times the national average. Matt creates financial giants.
Jami Rassmussen
Jami Recommended Crop-001Human performance and wellness expert Dr. Jami Rassmussen has seen the devastating effects of our reactive approach to health. The top three causes of death in the United States are preventable. As a country, we rank at or near the bottom in all statistical measurements of health, but spend the most on healthcare in the world. With extensive training from leading authorities in proactive healthcare, Dr. Jami is committed to changing this trend. He shares with his audiences the tools and strategies necessary to optimize health and performance on a personal level. Recognizing that knowledge without action is useless, Dr. Jami is committed to stirring action in his audience by showing what is at stake, what is possible, and making implementation doable for even the busiest people. Dr. Jami creates healthy giants.
John Milos
Milos_John_Headshot 5John Milos was owner and president of Stylin’ Concepts, an internet/mail order company of sport truck accessories, which was rated the number-one truck enthusiast direct-to-consumer and internet company in the United States (by a 2001 reader’s poll in Truckin’ magazine). Under John’s leadership, Stylin’ Concepts enjoyed a 30-percent compound annual growth in sales and an even greater compound annual growth rate in profits. In October 2003, John sold Stylin’ Concepts to the Riverside Group and returned 65 times his original investment in six years. He continued as president an additional four years until Stylin’ Concepts was sold to a public company, US Auto Parts, in 2010. In his exceptionally direct and candid presentation, John will provide you with the skills and awareness to develop processes which align and liberate your employees and create a culture of winners. John is a giant of reach and influence.

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