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Highlights from Leadership Spotlight 2017 in Houston

Leadership Spotlight 2017: “On the Shoulders of Giants” featured keynote speakers who focused on executive management topics ranging from the professional to the personal. More than 280 Nexstar members attended the meeting.

Becoming a giant of a leader requires vision, financial stability, good health, reach and influence, and a knowledge of what your services are worth. Leadership Spotlight was themed around these concepts.


Nexstar President and CEO Jack Tester opened the meeting discussing the importance of having a “why”: why you do what you do. Is it for someone else? Is it to leave a legacy? This why becomes the fuel for leadership.

He was followed by guitar virtuoso Mike Rayburn, who asked the Nexstar membership, “What if?” He said: “When you ask yourself, ‘what if?’ you’re not running around looking for reasons you can’t, by default,” Rayburn said. “Be the ones who step outside the curve, rather than follow it. Create change in your business rather than manage it.”

Stability: Financial and Health

Matt Garrett, founder of TGG Accounting, spoke to members about creating financial stability. Dr. Jami Rassmussen introduced members to the five pillars of health, so that they could find their way to longevity and a healthier lifestyle.

Reach and Influence

Business growth expert John Milos kicked off the second day of the meeting ad told members his story of business through three key concepts: vision and mission, process and culture. Using these concepts, he grew his former truck accessories company, Stylin’ Concepts, 933 percent from the time he bought it to when he sold it.

Pricing Power

Philip Daus, a partner at global pricing consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners, built the idea of “pricing power” for members: pricing power is calculated by taking the difference between your goal for the last price increase at your company and the realized price increase. Companies that have pricing power have 33-percent higher profits, Daus said.

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