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Decades of experience. Passion for the industry.

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Lucas McAlpin

Membership Sales


Gina Baratto

Events Manager


Angel Braaten

Staff Accoutant


Steffan Busch

Workforce Development Coach


John Conway

Business Coach


Jake Frantzen

E-Learning Specialist & Videographer


Katherine Gritsenko

Development Project Specialist


Michael Jahnl

Training Manager


Keith Mercurio

Director of Training


Shane Rau

Accounting Coach


Tracy Robinson

Call Center Implementation Coach


Jack Tester

President & CEO


Rachel Whitman

Director of Developments


Lisa White

Membership Sales


Angie Bertrand

Creative Project Specialist


Scott Brinkley

Business Coach


Maryanne Cimino

Administrative Assistant


Jodie Deegan

Training Implementation Coach


Dan Friesen

Master Trainer


Jim Hamilton

Business Coach


Susan Kimball

Internet Marketing Coach


Scott Pearson

Director of Coaching


Anna Rasmussen

Meeting & Event Planner


Julian Scadden

Vice President of Operations


Susan Tigner

Strategic Partner Manager


Gresham Ard

Training Implementation Coach


Stacey Billings

Director of Finance & Administration


Rob Buckley

Business Coach


Ed Cerier

Marketing Manager

Elise Fitzgerald

Strategic Partner Assistant


Thomas Graham

Accounting Assistant


Pamela Heruth

Connections Coach


Tom Merriott

Call Center Excellence Coach


Jodi Peter

Business Coach


Jamie Robinson

Business Coach


Melanie Tauring

Marketing Coach


Robin Turnblom

Communications Specialist & Staff Writer


Janet Wopinski

Assistant Strategic Partner Manager

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