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Call Center Management

Tracy Robinson

Tracy Robinson

Call Center Excellence Coach

In today’s market, consumers do not mind spending their hard-earned money for a quality product or name-brand service. Read More…

HVAC Installation

Keith Mercurio

Keith Mercurio

Director of Training

Installers are vital to your business! Nexstar has created industry changing training for HVAC installation professionals. Learn More…

Online Marketing

Melanie Tauring

Melanie Tauring

Marketing Coach

Reeves Journal: Run faster and farther with holistic marketing. Marketing is more than a TV ad, direct mail postcard or website. Read more…

Business Coaching

Jim Hamilton

Jim Hamilton

Business Coach

Reeve’s Journal: Managing seasonality. It’s time to stop being surprised by the predictable and take charge.
Read more…

Nexstar Members Are Busy Being Awesome

Nexstar Members Are Growing

Check out the latest issue of At Your Service magazine to learn how Nexstar members build a sustainable business. Read More…

Nexstar Members Get Noticed

Nexstar member Love Plumbing Air & Electrical was recently featured in Plumber Magazine! Read More…

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Once you join Nexstar Network our peer connections, coaching, training and strategic partnerships far exceed expectations. Watch the video to hear from raving Nexstar Network fans!


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Frank J. Blau’s Wisdom Is Now Available In Print! Authored by industry expert and longtime friend, Ellen Rohr, Soaring With Eagles chronicles Frank Blau’s history within the industry and contains insights on how he’s changed the lives of fellow contractors. This book is available print-on-demand through The book, The Business of Contracting: How To Make Money In The Contracting Business contains reprinted articles from Plumbing & Mechanical magazine. Known as the “best of” Frank Blau, readers can witness the breadth of Frank’s experience in the home services industry.  This book is available printed or as an e-book through Order Soaring With EaglesOrder The Business Of ContractingLink to the Seminar That Started It All!

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Facebook Posts

Facebook Posts

1 month ago

Hi! I work with Auchinachie Services out of NY and would like some input from anyone out there using the No windows style of dispatch. We are implementing this on Monday. ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

Happy Halloween from the gang at Lighten up Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric. ... See MoreSee Less

Happy Halloween from the gang at Lighten up Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric.

2 months ago

Nexstar Network

Enjoy! Nothing boosts morale like a few tasty little calorie bombs! 😁Sweet! Thank you so much Nexstar Network! You are always keeping your members front of mind. ... See MoreSee Less

Enjoy! Nothing boosts morale like a few tasty little calorie bombs! 😁


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2 months ago

Nexstar Network

Three MacGregor Plumbing & Heating service technicians recently went to Service System Training at Nexstar Network to refocus and refresh. They returned excited and ready to ramp up customer service! MacGregor and their employees keep up with continuing education to stay at the top of our industry. #macteam ... See MoreSee Less