Increase HVAC Sales - When Should You Introduce Price?

Our industry has a long practice of discussing the price of a job at the end of the service call, after the technician has built value for the customer. However, my experience shows that discussing price earlier in a call is more successful in getting customers to do business, which means higher tickets and more sales. This practice is called Price Conditioning and is one of the most challenging, but impactful, aspects of training I deliver to technicians.

Introducing a realistic price range earlier in the call allows you to:

  • Alleviate stress for the customer
  • Build trust
  • Engage in a low-pressure but definitive discussion of price
  • Directly impact the customer’s willingness to spend

Click here to learn more about the Five Keys to the Art of Price Conditioning, as published in the August 2013 issue of HVACR Business.

Keith Mercurio is the training manager for Nexstar® Network and trains members on sales, customer service, and motivation. Before joining Nexstar, he worked within a Nexstar member company, first as a plumber, then developing an HVAC sales division that produced $3.7 million within the first two years while incorporating many of the same techniques he teaches today.

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Keith is director of training for Nexstar. He and his team of trainers develop and deliver live and online training content year-round to thousands of home service contractors and their employees.