PHCE Customer Service: Plan to Take Care of Your Plan Customers! - Nexstar Network

It’s time to start thinking about our Service Plan members. Hopefully you put a little more thought into this than most contractors out there, and by thought I mean more than just a desire to finish them at some point. What I am talking about here is having a strategic plan — to take care of these precious customers who pay us to not just be part of our business, but for the privilege of being treated better than our average customers.

Read more about how you can create a business plan to treat the people who pay us for the privilege to be our customers in a very special way. Happy planning! Happy customers!

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Tom is a call center excellence coach with Nexstar and has managed call centers in the PHCE industries for more than 15 years. He's passionate about raising the level of call center training and customer service expertise for home service providers. To see all of Tom's publications, click here. He can be reached at 651-789-8590 or