PHCE Service: Get the Best Performance from your Team - Nexstar Network

You may have heard the saying, “Successful leaders surround themselves with great people.” This could not be truer. For the residential service business, first you need to attract and hire good people. These people must share the same beliefs represented by your vision statement and also be working in the correct job within your company. Then to get their best performance you need to train – think of your team as Olympic athletes.

Olympians train for years with the best coaches and state of the art equipment so when the time comes to perform, they have a competitive edge and take home the gold. Read here for how can you bring that Olympic spirit into your current operation and create Olympians out of your employees?

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Rob is a business coach at Nexstar. In his role, he’s passionate about guiding independent contractors to success. Before Nexstar, he spent 20 years driving revenue growth and providing leadership in competitive markets with PHCE franchise operators.