Residential Contractors: What’s Your Number? - Nexstar Network

The “right price” doesn’t mean you have a magical number floating around that you should be using to sell your services. The “right price” does mean that for your business, there is a right price that is based on specific financial assumptions to help you achieve business and personal goals.

If your business is not producing the profits needed to be a long-term success with outstanding customer service, good employees, and financial freedom, then the first step is to look at how you are priced. It’s a big jump for many of you, and maybe for some, you’ve got a toe in the water, so let’s agree to make 2014 a year of change for your company. Learn more about how to determine your number in my April column in Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine. 

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Jim (Bone) is a business coach with Nexstar. He has spent more than 35 years in the PHCE service industry, and has purchased and transformed 28 underperforming companies into profitable businesses, each in less than a year.