Residential Contractors: Hear with your Ears, Listen with your Brain - Nexstar Network


If you have a hard time relating to people in your HVAC company, maybe it’s not what they’re saying, or even how they are saying it, but actually how you are listening. This is especially true with feedback on you or your team. If anyone in your company has negative feedback or a complaint about an employee on your team, and you listen from the heart or worse yet, from the ego, then you are bound to have an emotional reaction.

I challenge you to dig a little deeper. Resist the urge to placate them with “I’ll look in to it,” while you roll your eyes and walk away. Remember, in anatomy, we are taught we hear with two ears, but in business, we need to learn we listen with what’s between them — our brain. Here’s how I recommend you start listening with your brain.

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Tom is a call center excellence coach with Nexstar and has managed call centers in the PHCE industries for more than 15 years. He's passionate about raising the level of call center training and customer service expertise for home service providers. To see all of Tom's publications, click here. He can be reached at 651-789-8590 or