Residential Contractor: The Power of Thank You Motivates - Nexstar Network

A sincere THANK YOU is a powerful thing. Looking someone in the eye and telling them you appreciate what they do for you and the company is grossly underutilized in business and that’s a shame. Owners and managers would not have jobs without the people who help us reach our goals.

So where should you start? Talking with your people and really listening to what they have to say is the place everyone should start. Our staff want to feel they are part of the team, and we need to do everything we can to nurture cohesiveness in our organizations. 

Read more about how direct one-on-one communication can be one of the best motivators for your team.

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Tom is a call center excellence coach with Nexstar and has managed call centers in the PHCE industries for more than 15 years. He's passionate about raising the level of call center training and customer service expertise for home service providers. To see all of Tom's publications, click here. He can be reached at 651-789-8590 or