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Pay Them Well and the Benefits Will Follow

“Pay them well and they will come. Pay them well and they will stay.” As a business owner or leader, this is a phrase to live by, especially in an age where skilled tradespeople are few and far between. Another great maxim I’ve heard from a very successful Nexstar...

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Are the Right People Answering Your Phones?

Everyone wants their company to have a great customer experience, from the time they decide to call to when the door closes as your technician leaves their home. It seems like a simple concept, use advertising and your community presence to convince people to call you...

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Your Leadership Team

Intention is the most important component in a leadership team. What I mean by intention is that the thoughts and actions of the members of the management team are focused on what’s best for the company, not what’s best for their teams (the service department, for...

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Featured Call Center Employee: Carla Richerson

Nexstar Network likes to feature employees at our member companies who are doing a stellar job. This month, we’re featuring Carla Richerson, who works in the call center at Scottco Service Company. How long have you been with your company and in the industry? 18...

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Recruiting Solutions Part 5: Where to Start

Welcome to our five-part series in strategies for finding technicians. Today we'll share with you where to start when it comes to recruiting! The technician shortage looms for the residential service industry. For many, it has already come. But it's not too late to...

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Recruiting Solutions Part 4: Recruit All the Time

Welcome to our five-part series in strategies for finding technicians. Today’s solution involves buying into the continuous nature of true recruiting. In the residential home services industry, people tend to think of recruiting in a narrow way, as in single...

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