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Investing in the Future of the Trades

Even with the support of a network of like-minded businesses, finding great talent can still seem like an impossible task for many Nexstar members. Thankfully, a handful of member companies have successfully managed to deal with the shortage of skilled tradespeople, largely through creativity, foresightedness, and patience.

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What Is Your Dispatcher’s Job?

“What is your dispatcher’s job?” Is a question I’ve asked a lot in my line of work, and the most common answer – by far – is to make sure that all of the calls get run every day. If that is your answer, then you should know that you’ve got some work to do. I’m certain...

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Tech Ride Alongs are a High-Return Activity

Getting out of the office can often look like the impossible dream. There is so much to be done in the office that the thought of leaving creates anxiety about what won’t get accomplished. What if I told you that time spent in the field (in the form of ride alongs...

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When It Comes To Training – Start With Why

Twenty employees sit in a classroom learning. They all receive the same information at the same time, and in the same way. The class ends. Does everyone understand what’s been taught? Heads nod. Are we being clear on what is expected? Heads nod again, along with an...

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Building a Sustainable Business

Things haven’t been all sunshine and roses for the McQuillan clan over the years. As one would expect, a lot can happen over 135 years in a family-owned business, and it was only a few years back, before McQuillan Bros. joined Nexstar, that the local plumbing giant was on the verge of shutting its doors for good.

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Training The People Who Answer Your Phones

As an industry, we’re pretty good at training. Most companies meet with field personnel at least once a week, and management gathers once per day to make sure everyone is on the same page. Even manufacturer reps are constantly asking if they can come train the team on...

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Create An Environment That Empowers You

I feel like I’m living out of a cardboard box right now. As a Nexstar coach who lives remotely from the St. Paul office, I have a home office where I conduct most of my work. My home is currently undergoing a complete remodel, so needless to say, my world is upside...

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Becoming an Employer of Choice

The phrase “employer of choice” might be one of the most overused in all of our industry. You and your team want to be an employer of choice. I am an employer of choice. Everyone is claiming to be an employer of choice because of the benefit it provides. That benefit...

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How Do You Sound?

If you’re a general manager or an owner, it’s your responsibility to know how your company sounds 24 hours a day. This is shocking news to some, but knowing how you sound is vital to the continued success of your organization. And before you stop reading this article...

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“Welcome Aboard!” The Importance of Onboarding

I have spent a large part of my life serving in the U.S. Navy, with most of that time being spent onboard ships. One tragedy I witnessed all too many times was the sight of a young sailor being taken under the wings of the wrong people while he or she was being...

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Pay Them Well and the Benefits Will Follow

“Pay them well and they will come. Pay them well and they will stay.” As a business owner or leader, this is a phrase to live by, especially in an age where skilled tradespeople are few and far between. Another great maxim I’ve heard from a very successful Nexstar...

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Are the Right People Answering Your Phones?

Everyone wants their company to have a great customer experience, from the time they decide to call to when the door closes as your technician leaves their home. It seems like a simple concept, use advertising and your community presence to convince people to call you...

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Harnessing the Power of Habits

Not everyone is a creature of habit. While some people enjoy the routine and security that habits provide, others find habits to be limiting and dull. The fact is, finding and practicing the right habits can be very empowering. Your work routine can make it feel like...

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Your Leadership Team

Intention is the most important component in a leadership team. What I mean by intention is that the thoughts and actions of the members of the management team are focused on what’s best for the company, not what’s best for their teams (the service department, for...

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Featured Call Center Employee: Carla Richerson

Nexstar Network likes to feature employees at our member companies who are doing a stellar job. This month, we’re featuring Carla Richerson, who works in the call center at Scottco Service Company. How long have you been with your company and in the industry? 18...

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