Canadian Membership - Nexstar Network
[dt_sc_h3]Our Canadian Membership Is Growing[/dt_sc_h3]

Nexstar Network is business-development and best-practices organization for independent home service plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical professionals. Although we’re headquartered in the United States, Nexstar has grown to include many successful and industry-leading Canadian members and we’re always hoping to have more Canadians join us! To support our Canadian members, we’re adding more strategic partners that support Canada and providing training opportunities throughout the provinces. International members also pay dues and fees in their native currency, which is an added bonus. Click below to learn more about how our Canadian members have benefited from their Nexstar membership.

Dan Friesen, Nexstar Master Trainer, lives and works in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Arnie Shaw, owner of Centennial 360 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is the president of Nexstar’s Board of Directors.

Don Snow, of Clearview Plumbing & Heating in Calgary, Alberta, shares how Nexstar training has given him a new outlook on his business.