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Leadership Lounge Podcast

Nexstar President and CEO Jack Tester discusses various topics relating to business management and how to become a better leader in your business. Listen in as Jack shares his insights from over 20 years of developing Frank Blau’s vision of Nexstar Network into the 600+ member organization that it is today. You’ll also hear tips and strategies for success from members who have grown their businesses with the help of Nexstar.

Nexstar CEO, Jack Tester, with guest Jaime DiDomenico

Nexstar CEO, Jack Tester, with guest Wayne Boothe

Nexstar CEO, Jack Tester, with returning guest Josh Savage

Nexstar CEO, Jack Tester, with guest Phil Frasier

Nexstar Member Edan Bar-Lev discusses his experiences with Nexstar.

Tom Kelly, one of Nexstar’s founding members, discusses his first experiences with Nexstar and introducing flat-rate pricing to contractors.

Frank Blau Jr, founder of Nexstar Network, discusses how overhead or indirect costs can be used to create a better customer experience.

Dan Weltman, a founder of Nexstar, talks about his history with Nexstar.

Tom Merriott discusses the importance of your call center and the incredible work and value of customer service representatives.

Mike Barker discusses becoming reengaged in the industry and growing his business after going through personal hardship.

Nexstar President and CEO Jack Tester talks business with Elaine Damschen, owner of Mainstream Electric, Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.

Billy Salts, owner of Magic Valley Electric, discusses how he built and managed his business from three employees to 67 in five years.

Josh Savage shares how he made the decision to go into the PHCE business and the tools he used to make his business successful.

Vin Giang discusses the importance of perspective, collaboration and listening to others for new ideas that will lead to success. 

Patrick Lencioni talks about his background in organizational health and the difference between smart and healthy organizations.

Kip Salas discusses how he first started his business in a town of 11,000 population and expanded into HVAC and sewer sales.

Greg Niemi, former president of Nexstar Network, discusses how to set expectations and create a culture of responsibility and accountability. 

Roberto Luongo discusses the importance of staying focused on the basics and shares his own experiences of losing and regaining this focus in his business. 

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