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Training Options For Electricians

Online Training


Nexstar offers online training that supports our classroom training and the ideology of Nexstar’s trainers and coaches. Electricians have their own website to watch video modules, participate in e-learning courses and download scripts, tools and visual aids.

The online content supports key concepts like: safety, customer service skills and sales soft skills.

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Ready to experience Nexstar’s online electrician training? Check out this video from Nexstar’s Customers First video series. Titled Surge Protectors and Generators, this video points out the value of offering these items as customers usually don’t think about them until they’re needed. Click the play button to watch.




Classroom Training


Nexstar offers the most comprehensive PHCE in the industry. All of our training is participant-centered, meaning that we approach training from the learner’s perspective, making our content engaging and easy to understand, practice and implement. Our classes for electricians include:

Electrical Sales: A 2-day course that offers electricians complete knowledge on how to present cost savings and safety benefits to customers for big ticket electrical items: panel replacements, generators, circuit restoration.

Service System: A 3-day course that provides a step-by-step method for ideal customer service during a PHCE service call.

Electrical Sales Introduction


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