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Our coaches have been in your shoes.

They come from the industry and have owned and operated businesses within it. They’ve seen and solved the same challenges you face. This page outlines a just few of the things they can help you with.

Business Operations

Members typically join Nexstar when they have already experienced some level of success and are ready and willing to take their business operations to the next level. As a business network based on education and sharing, Nexstar has a unique offering of:

• Business management coaching

• Plug-and-play business systems

• Strategic planning workshops and guides


Marketing your services to your customers takes time, money and expertise. Nexstar members have access to marketing materials and advice that will help them increase revenue. Two marketing coaches specialize in helping Nexstar members:

• Create a business marketing plan to help build company brands.

• Evaluate business advertising channels to select the best options.

• Strategically utilize a catalog of marketing pieces designed for members to plug and play in their markets.

• Access talented partners for lead generation, online reviews, design and printing.

Industry Benchmarking

Employee Engagement Survey

Nexstar members strive to be the employer of choice! The Nexstar Employee Engagement Survey is a two-part process that measures owners’ expectations and compares them to the overall engagement of their employees. All responses to this survey remain anonymous and are compiled by a third party. Results also compare and contrast an individual company against the averages of other Nexstar members and the U.S. workforce as a whole.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

As a business owner, you value your image in your community and you care about what your customers think. So, how do you find out what they think of you? You ASK them! The Nexstar Customer Satisfaction Survey provides in-depth feedback on customer service. Much more powerful than a review, the data received enables Nexstar members to pinpoint areas where they may excel and opportunities for improvement.

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Financial Survey

The only real way you know how your business is comparing financially is if you measure your business against other companies of the same size and in the same trade. The Frank J. Blau Financial Survey presents Nexstar members with a customized report that is an apples to apples comparison and provides sliced and diced information that they can use to trim their financial sails and set a straighter course for their company’s future.

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