Events - Nexstar Network

Where Can You Experience Nexstar?

Nexstar Network holds world-class events multiple times a year for its members. If you’re not yet a Nexstar member, you can experience what we’re all about at one of our events, or visit us at an upcoming tradeshow.

Occasionally, a member generously offers to host an event in their own shop, which is the most robust way to see how the peer connections and systems from Nexstar benefit our members. These member-shop events fill up quickly, as the experience of visiting a peer shop is invaluable to contractors regardless of size or trade.

Since 1992, we have held two annual meetings where our members can congregate for inspiration, networking and takeaways to implement in their businesses ASAP.  Super Meeting is open to all members, while Owners Spotlight is an owner- and manager-focused event.

As an industry leading business to business network organization, Nexstar supports industry trade organizations and events to share ideas and support the professional responsibility of the PHCE industries. Shows we’ve recently attended include: ACCA & IE3, KBIS, CMPX.

We open up several of our events to industry professionals who are not yet Nexstar members.

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