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Leadership Spotlight 2019 – The Persuasive Leader

Lior Suchard

You may have seen him on The Tonight Show or a daytime talk show. He’s all over YouTube. Careful if you search for a video – you won’t be able to stop at just one. He is Lior Suchard, a world class entertainer and mentalist. Lior will show you the power of persuasion. In action. Lior is going to be our host and MC for Leadership Spotlight, demonstrating influence in mind-blowing, highly entertaining fashion.

Dr. Robert Cialdini

Dr. Robert Cialdini will headline day one. He is famous for his landmark best-selling 1984 book, Influence. It remains a best seller today. Most recently he published Pre-Suasion – uncovering the profound impact on how our mind changes based on what we are thinking about right before we are exposed to an idea. His books have been used extensively to shape interactions where the communicator wants to move his audience to “yes”. This has profound leadership implications.

Joe Navarro

Being a persuasive leader is not only about what you say verbally, it’s about what you say non-verbally. Joe Navarro says that our bodies are communicating 100% of the time at the speed of light without our conscious involvement or awareness. Most of us miss that entire conversation. Body language telegraphs messages and, for the most part, is the most honest part of all communication. Joe Navarro the spy-catcher, spent 25 years in FBI counterterrorism and counterintelligence. He is a non-verbal communication specialist, and he will bring his overwhelming insights into human behavior as our guest for day two. He will bring us a whole new world of understanding body language along with practical applications to leadership.

Strategic Partner Reception and Trade Show

The trade show will be immediately following the Day One of General Session for 2 hours. Don’t miss the chance to meet with our Strategic Partners and see what is new for 2019!

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