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Online Training

Nexstar offers online training that supports our classroom training and the ideology of Nexstar’s trainers and coaches. Technicians also have their own website to watch video modules, participate in e-learning courses and download scripts, tools and visual aids. The online content for HVAC technicians supports key concepts like: knowing your average ticket, building trust with customers and how to create the best customer experience on a service call.

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Ready to experience Nexstar’s online training? Check out this video from Nexstar’s Customers First video series. Titled Consistency, the video explains how contractor service system training can ensure that customers receive consistent positive interaction no matter who they’re working with from the company . Click the play button to watch.


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Classroom Training

Nexstar offers the most comprehensive HVAC training in the industry. All of our training is participant-centered, meaning that we approach training from the learner’s perspective, making our content engaging and easy to understand, practice and implement. Our HVAC training classes include:

HVAC Specific Service System: A 3-day course focused on specific HVAC training as it relates to the Nexstar Service System. Providing the same content as the standard Service System, there is specific emphasis on technical conversations and HVAC troubleshooting best practices.

HVAC Sales School: A 3-day course for sales professionals of selling technicians looking to drive sales for HVAC replacement equipment. Students will gain complete knowledge of how to create value in their repair and replacement options.

HVAC Sales Management: A 3-day course perfect for HVAC sales managers looking for guidance on how to manage their departments from A to Z. Students will gain a deep understanding of the roles of the salesperson, the sales coordinator, the install coordinator and the install team. Cohesion between the roles is the focus.

HVAC Install : A 2-day course for installers that focuses on how to demonstrate premium value through a quality installation. Students will also spend time practicing proactive communication with customers to ensure customer satisfaction with their work.

HVAC Install Management: This course covers tools and processes that help HVAC installation managers run  effective and efficient departments.

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