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A Strong Online Presence Is Critical To Success

Coaching In A Workshop Environment

Nexstar members attending one of our Internet Marketing Workshops review their current online marketing strategy. With their internet marketing coach they cover everything: the website, search engine optimization, pay per click, local search, online reviews and social media. Along with other Nexstar members, attendees work together to find new online lead generation opportunities.

What Attendees Take Home

• A detailed analysis of their current internet advertising plan.

• Clear insight on how to manage internet marketing tools and get the most return on investment.

• Ideas and insight gained from classmates.

• Step-by-step instructions on how to make online marketing goals REAL using proven marketing strategies and Nexstar tools and programs.

• A commitment to work intensely with their marketing coach for the next 3 months.


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Classroom Training

Nexstar offers the most comprehensive PHCE training in the industry. All of our training is participant-centered, meaning that we approach training from the learner’s perspective, making our content engaging and easy to understand, practice and implement. Our classes include:

Service System: A 3-day course for PHCE technicians. This is Nexstar’s most popular class. Technicians will gain the ability to understand how customers make buying decisions and they will be able to demonstrate premium value that customers are willing to pay for. They will also learn how to identify, raise and clear objections proactively. HVAC Specific Service System: A 3-day course focused on specific HVAC training as it relates to the Nexstar Service System. Providing the same content as the standard Service System, there is specific emphasis on technical conversations and HVAC troubleshooting best practices. Advanced Service System: This 3-day course dives deeper into the studies that created the Service System and students will take action in developing refined communication skills ans awareness. Skills practice will enable students to create conversations that get to the matter at hand when working with customers to make buying decisions. Service Management: Service managers will spend 3 days discussing the tools and PHCE business systems that will help them streamline essential operations, develop their employees and drive sales. Exceptional service manager training that creates a support system of peers that are united in helping each other.

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