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Our Mission

We were founded on the premise of contractor success through education and sharing, a principle that guides us today and every day. Nexstar’s only purpose is to help each other succeed as the best in customer service, profitability and employee engagement.

As a member-owned organization, Nexstar provides business networking opportunities through business training classes and leadership events. Member dues stay in the organization to build new and enhance education, training and business solutions. We minimize operating expenses and channel virtually all-remaining funds to research and development, programs, materials and member services that are supported by a professional staff.


Member by member, we uplift the whole industry by setting the standard of excellence.

Frank J. Blau Jr.

Founder of Contractors 2000 | Nexstar Network

What They’re Saying

Our Story

A Great Idea

PHCE service industry veteran Frank J. Blau Jr. set out to find fellow contractors interested in forming a new business network with a purpose to educate its members on how to run a better business. His drive to help others came from years as a business owner, faced with the daily challenges of running a profitable plumbing and heating business.

Contractors 2000

In November of this year, Frank Blau, George Brazil and a pioneering group of contractors formed Contractors 2000, a member-owned organization dedicated to education and sharing within the residential service industry.

Nexstar Network

Contractors 2000 transformed itself into Nexstar Network, a business networking organization that delivers comprehensive business training, proven business systems and dedicated business coaching to independent home service plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical professionals.


Nexstar has 600+ member companies and remains steadfastly dedicated to its members, while maintaining the founding core values: integrity, quality, value, member profitability and customer satisfaction.

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