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Founded in 2005, the Nexstar Legacy Foundation is dedicated to attracting talented individuals to the heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical industries, by inspiring these people to discover the prestige, earning power and stability of careers in these fields.

The Nexstar Legacy Foundation provides comprehensive career information for those interested in pursuing the field of PHCE, as well as scholarships and training grants for those beginning their educational journey at trade and technical programs.

The foundation targets its programming and aid to two audiences vital to the growth and quality of PHCE jobs: young adults and veterans. Two programs, powered by the Nexstar Legacy Foundation, were established to meet these needs.


Kate Cinnamo

Executive Director | Nexstar Legacy Foundation

Learn More about the Nexstar Legacy Foundation’s Programs

Explore the Trades actively drives young adults, ages 15-25, into the PHCE service industry through education of students, businesses and schools. This program uses statistics, advocacy and outreach to potential employees to build awareness about these careers.

Troops to Trades is committed to attracting talented veterans, National Guard and Reserve members to the skilled trades. Since its creation, Troops to Trades offers training grants, scholarships, and help in career placements in the plumbing, HVAC and electrical industries.